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As an admirer of Parton’s other work in movies and music—and as someone who believes that it matters how honestly we tell our nation’s history—it’s nice to hear that my review might inspire the show’s creators to reconsider its framing and presentation. Maybe they can do what they did to their Myrtle Beach show and just make it about pirates ? That might be about as historically accurate.

All this pageantry is proudly served with a fabulous four-course feast. Dixie Stampede is Branson's most fun place to eat!

If that wasn’t enough, in addition to our main event, your ticket purchase includes pre-show entertainment in our Non-Alcoholic Dixie Belle Saloon. Holiday music and down-home comedy will be brought to you by our very own MOUNTAIN RUCKUS. While inside, you can purchase popcorn, nachos and even one of our festive Holiday Non-Alcoholic drinks in our Souvenir Boot Mug.

So, that is the moral hazard I referred to at the start of my post. You can maintain that position only if you have the luxury of not being threatened by white supremacists. Our white privilege is to be of the demographic that extremists perceive as their own. We might not enjoy being called on that privilege, but it is a much safer place to be than that of those who don’t share it. (Though also: our whiteness won’t necessarily protect us if we publicly object to the alt-right agenda. RIP Heather Heyer.)

During the first season of the series '&' was formatted into the episode titles with a play on words or alliteration. The only episodes not to feature this were "Pilot", "Hell's Belles", "Heart to Hart", and "The Big Day". Seasons 2 and 3 use country music songs as titles of the episodes, such as the season 3 episode 16 " Carrying Your Love with Me " by George Strait .

Like Septima Clark, Marian Wright Edelman was an advocate for civil rights. Born and raised in South Carolina, she became the first African-American woman to pass the bar in Mississippi. Her advocacy for civil rights led her from New York to Mississippi to Washington, DC. There, in 1973, she established the Children's Defense Fund which serves both as a voice for poor, minority and physically disabled children and as a research center to document problems and identify solutions to those problems. A MacArthur Foundation Fellow, and the recipient of many honorary degrees, Edelman has been inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame .

Dixie Belle Paint Company provides superb products that are very versatile and come in an amazing array of colors. The paint provides great coverage and is very resilient over time. They also offer a nice variety of finishes (wax, patina, and MUCH more). Between all that AND other specialty products including textures, stencils and metallic. You couldn't ask for more diversity in a brand.

ANNABETH AND DAVIS | By now, you’ve probably guessed that this recap doesn’t end with Lavon and Annabeth back together, but the story isn’t over for the belle. Annabeth takes some time before responding to Davis’ proposal. In the meantime, he confesses his secret to her: He owns a lot of the same pair of sneakers. Like a lot . OK… Not a dealbreaker, Annabeth, right? Not right away, but eventually, she makes a confession of her own to Davis: “I’ve been the rebound person. Which is why I know you deserve more than to settle for someone who’s still in love with someone else.” Oh boy, this is going to get messy.

Dixie Belles With Cornbread And Jerry Down At Papa JoesDixie Belles With Cornbread And Jerry Down At Papa JoesDixie Belles With Cornbread And Jerry Down At Papa JoesDixie Belles With Cornbread And Jerry Down At Papa Joes