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Joseph E. Levine contracted Richard Maibaum in 1972 to write a screenplay, based on the fifth and sixth volumes, Continental Contract [8] and Assault on Soho . [9] A later attempt to adapt The Executioner to the screen by Burt Reynolds was to star Sylvester Stallone and Cynthia Rothrock , [10] but the production was scrapped. [11]

The Night Stalker grabs his seated target's foot and drags them off the bench, until their head rests against it. Before his victim can do anything to defend themselves, the Night Stalker forcefully kicks them in the face, violently sending their head backwards and breaking their neck on the bench behind them.

I went to the town executive committee, to Sergei Yergerovich Chutskayev who was its chairman at the time to ask for advice. Maybe he knew of a place. He proposed a very deep abandoned mine on the Moscow high road. I got a car, took someone from the regional Cheka with me, Polushin, it seems, and someone else and we left. But one and a half versts away from the appointed place the car broke down. The driver was left to repair it, and we went on foot. We looked over the place and decided it was good. The only problem was to avoid onlookers. Some people lived near the place and we decided to come and take them away to the town and after the project let them come back. That was our decision. We came back to the car but it had to be towed. I decided to wait for a passing car. A while later some people rode up on two horses. I stopped them. The fellows seemed to know me. They were hurrying to the plant. With great reluctance they gave us the horses.

While it’s unclear just what became of Braun after his shooting spree, the Minister of Justice later said that the next man appointed as the chief executioner was going to be one who never drank.

DEADLINE : You rarely see the hands on architect of an iconic show move so quickly into another with this complicated a mythology.
SUTTER : My plan was not to jump on to another show as I was finishing the last one. Things fell into place, the mythology happened organically for me and I just fell in love with the characters and the world. And then it was like, I guess this is where we’re going next. So far I’m having fun, and I am happy with the way the episodes are coming out. I hope people are willing to jump on.

Executioner In The NightExecutioner In The NightExecutioner In The NightExecutioner In The Night